Resort Pool, hardscape and water fountain remodel

This remodel in Scottsdale included new hardscape over 2+ acres, refinishing and new mechanical systems in 6 pools including 1 sand beach pool, concrete construction of a 4-story pool slide tower. The poolside café was remodeled at the same time with new plumbing, electric and kitchen equipment on the interior and a completely new façade on the exterior including retail space with roll up doors, concrete cash register stand, hat channel ceilings, custom hand laid tile work around the service windows and televisions and electrical work throughout.

Final project visit, last one before opening!
Service window tint decisions
One of the final site visits to the pool café. Installed new service pass through windows, TV’s and façade, millwork retail cove and concrete register bar/stand.
Outdoor renovation of pools, concrete hardscape, sand beach, water fountains and cabanas.